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Dear Member of Mehralborz Family,

As you may already know, taking advantage of the Industrial Management Institute facilities, and accessing its science databases has been provided for the enthusiasts, through an agreement between Mehralborz and the Industrial Management Institute. Please carefully read the following instructions regarding questions and ambiguities about registration and usage of the databases.


First Step:

First of all, you need to sign up to the institute’s website through the following links. As the registration fee varies for different groups, please make sure to choose the correct link and complete the initial registration. (Students who have previously gone over this step, are not required to sign up to the institute’s website again.) The deadline to use the specified facilities, is Bahman, 1395. Afterwards, registrations will be open upon the agreement renewal with the Industrial Management Institute.


Second Step:

The list of the registered, will be forwarded to the Industrial Management Institute by Mehralborz research office every 15th, monthly.

The new registered, must sign up to http://semanta.ir, after 17th of that month. You may download your required books and papers through the mentioned system. Please carefully consider the following notes when registering, otherwise your registration may not be approved.

Make sure to add “Mehralborz” to the end of your last name, or else your account will not be activated.

Pay extra attention when entering your email address and password. Email addresses with any organization or Mehralboz affiliations are not accepted. Using yahoo mail or gmail is recommended.

Make sure to choose the Industrial Management Institute in “university/organization/institute name” section, otherwise your account will not be activated.

In case you encounter the message “error in saving” after the final submission, just ignore it. Moreover, the activation email may be sent to you by some delay, or even may not be sent to you; no worries, your account will be activated by 2 work days, and you will be able to log in to the system by your username and password.

If you have already signed up to the system, you do not need to go over the stages above.


Third Step:

In order to use the system and download papers, just enter the search and order section, and download your desired books and publications based on the title, keyword, or paper DOI code.

Your institute credit account is charged by about 600 units by default; for downloading each article, 10 units will be withdrawn from your credit account. (Ignore the zero value for the premium credit, which is associated with individuals’ user accounts.)

In case you run out of the institute credit, just send your recharge request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; make sure to include your username (email address, first name, and last name) in your request. Your account will be recharged in 2 work days on average.


Additional Notes:

In order to benefit from the facilities of the Industrial Management Institute you may visit in person, and take advantage of the theses, Persian and Latin books, and unlimited download of Persian and Latin papers. (Without any charges on your institute credit account.)

Central Library: Industrial Management Institute Library – Central Building – Next to Jam-e Jam – Valiasr St. 22043005, internal 345-346

Library Building No. 2: 9th St. – Iranshenasi St. – Valfajr Town – South Sheikh Bahaei St. 88604222

For more information, please reach Mrs. Salehi at 88001511, internal 124, or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please note that morality is among the most important values in Mehralborz; therefore, it is strongly recommended that you do not share your user account information and password to with anyone else. Otherwise, you are responsible for any kind of misuse of your account.


Office of Research Affairs and Scientific Sources

Contact Us

Phone: (+98)21-88001511

Fax: (+98)21-88001270

No. 36, Danesh Sani Crossroad., Salehi St., Fakouri St., North Kargar Ave., Tehran, Iran. PO box: 1413913141