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  • Mehralborz Scientific Associations

    To identify, organize, and improve the research and scientific activities of the students from different educational disciplines, 4 different student scientific associations were established in 1391 to achieve the following goals:

    Among the purposes and duties of the associations are:

    1.     Popularization of scientific and research interactions among the members, and promotion of scientific discoveries.

    2.     Establishing an independent and perpetual relationship the university and the members, in order to fulfill the professional needs of the members.

    3.     Increasing the participation and the competition between the students in social scientific activities, in addition to institutionalizing these activities.

    4.     Recognizing and declaring the problems of the associations’ fields, creating new research fields which scientifically benefit the members, and presenting scientific solutions to the problems.

    5.     Holding seminars and professional workshops

    6.     Establishing connections with domestic and foreign research and scientific associations and institutes after the approval of the university council, for scientific interactions and proving the scientific capabilities of the association and the institute.

    7.     Publishing journals

    8.     Making efforts to promote Mehralborz in Iran and the rest of the world.


    Duties and Activities of the associations:

    The associations will merely work in scientific, educational, and research fields of active management and engineering areas in the university, having the support of the research units, students, and faculties.

    The most important duties are as follows:

    A)    Paving the ground for interactions with the relevant associations of the other scientific centers, in order to:

    a.     Taking care of the educational and research affairs in a specific field

    b.     Transferring and promoting the theoretical and practical achievements of the members to the university and other scientific centers for debate and scientific analysis

    c.      Participation and holding exhibitions, and attendance in the domestic and foreign scientific communities

    B)    Providing the appropriate environment for the members, in order to:

    a.     Having professional discussions, paving the way for professional tasks, and promoting creativity, and scientific and research activities

    b.     Presenting research-based solutions related to the association’s specific field

    c.      Discovering the exceptional talents, and introducing them to the willing scientific and research centers

    C)    Facilitate the advancement and improvement of scientific and research bases:

    a.     Holding professional seminars and gatherings in the association’s specific field

    b.     Recognition and analysis of the existing problems and insufficiencies in the associations specific scientific field

    Publication and reflection of the research findings in the form of projects and students’ theses

    Associations’ Statute

    Statute of the management/Engineering student scientific association

    Mehralborz Higher Education Institute

    Download the Statute


    Information Technology Research Cores

    Nowadays, research is acknowledged as one of the most significant pillars for development of the universities and higher education institutes. In addition to the indexes such as training facilities, number of faculties, hardware and software facilities, etc. the results of the researches done in the universities in the form of books and scientific articles, is considered as one of the important factors for the quality evaluation of the universities in the rankings published by different international organizations. For the sake of advancement and becoming a university, Mehralborz Higher Education Institute is required to strengthen the foundations and structures, needed for formation and development of the research section. On this ground, the formation of professional research associations as well as practical guidance are required in the first place. Regarding this perspective, relying on the efforts of research unit administration, Information Technology department administration, Information Technology scientific association, and selected teaching assistants, Information Technology Research Cores are established in the institute.

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