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Construction Engineering and Management

Civil Engineering – Construction Engineering and Management

Construction Engineering and Management, is one of the fields of Master of Science in Civil Engineering. This major is an education and research set, consisted of theoretical and practical courses, as well as research activities in the field of Construction Engineering and Management. The purpose of this M.Sc. program is to train graduates who are capable of planning, guiding, and execution and construction managing of large-scale national, regional, and urban civil projects; such as tall dams, harbors and marine structures, refineries and power plants, large residential and office complexes, tall structures, large-span bridges, silages, etc. The graduates of this major obtain the executive and research abilities for handling the issues associated with the construction and execution management of projects. These abilities include the following:

Evaluation and control of civil projects, management of the project and the contract affairs in juridical, economic, and executive aspects, various materials and methods of construction, construction and maintenance analysis of large-scale projects, optimal utilization of the equipment, and structural repair methods.



Graduates of technical and scientific fields will have enough to work in the following occupations.

·       Cooperation with ministries and agencies responsible for the implementation and construction of large civil engineering projects such as the Department of Energy, Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Mines, the Ministry of Transportation and Housing and Urban Development and Municipal and system engineering.

·       Working with consultants, contractors and builders to participate in the planning and management of projects and development projects

·       Cooperation with educational and research institutions to provide construction and civil engineering courses and related research.

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