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Project Management and Construction

Project Management and Construction

As a developing country, Iran invests a major fraction of its annual income in execution and expansion of civil and infrastructure projects. Consequently, many projects are defined and executed in different civil, infrastructure, industry, and service sectors. Successful accomplishment of these projects, requires the knowledge of Project Management for different sectors of investment, employment, and engineering, as well as constructors and contractors.

Project Management and Construction is a combination of engineering and management which is tailored for administration, supervision, designing, and execution of projects, specifically, civil ones. Having a multidisciplinary nature, this major is a mixture of civil engineering, industrial engineering, and management; in other words, it is a hybrid of art and technique which is devised with the aim of training the preparation, supervision, and execution activities of projects, in particular, civil ones.

Regarding the demand of construction industry market for Project Management, and the confrontation of many construction-related graduates, such as architecture, civil, facilities, urbanism, etc. with control, execution, and administration of civil projects during their professional career, knowing the methods of planning, control, and execution of projects not only is inevitable, but also considerably effects their productivity. On this ground, in addition to the experts and managers of consulting and contracting sectors, employees and decision makers of execution and planning sections of the country need to be familiar with the administration methods of civil projects in different stages as well.

Project Management, emphasizes on the synthesis of knowledge and performance, the practicality of lessons, and the appropriate management of civil projects. Despite their professional technical position in projects, civil engineers and architects are not familiar with juridical aspects of the projects, principles of proper management, and so forth; Project Management has been established with the goal of filling this niche, which has significantly highlighted the role of this major’s experts in civil projects.

The purpose of this course is to meet the requirements of the country’s construction industry in project administration areas; such as choosing the correct system of project execution, managing the projects’ execution affairs, planning and executing large-scale residential, and urban and regional development projects, supervising the workplace, and the laws and regulations of contracts. The graduates of this major have the opportunity to be employed as experts, supervisors, and managers of the execution units, whether in construction or planning level, in any of the executing, research, and teaching sections of governmental organizations, investment firms, consulting engineers, contracting companies, and so on.



Ability of Graduates

Including specialized skills graduates can be mentioned the following:

• Design of projects related to executive management

• Mastering coordination between relevant actors and stakeholders in projects

• Risk Management in Projects

• Management and Contract Agreement

• Mastering legal knowledge projects

• Arbitration and dispute settlement construction projects

• Introduction to Finance and Accounting Projects

• Financial Management and Accounting

• Effective knowledge of materials and machines

• Create views based on engineering ethics in project implementation

• Business insight of the immunization workshop

• Manage large projects

• Project Control

• Management Workshop

• Value engineering studies

• Crisis Management

Virtual Class
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    • Examples of electronic content Course: Fake Project – Dr. Seghat Forush ( Content)
    • Examples of electronic content Course: Contract Management – Dr. Parchami ( Content)



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