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Electronic Commerce

Information Technology Engineering – Electronic Commerce

Nowadays, Information and Communication Technology is considered as an enabling and multidisciplinary technology in all of the social, economic, and business areas. In the third millennium, Information Technology is among the most significant factors of evolution and development in the world. Today, the achievements of Information Technology is incorporated in human life, such that a cessation in its development might cause disorders in the society, and detrimental effects on the welfare and comfort of people. Consequently, in order to publicize the usage of Information Technology, many countries have instigated micro- and macro-programs among which is the academic education in Information Technology.

Professional and comprehensive review on the reasons (Why), nature (What), and features and instructions (How) of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being academically elaborated upon in Information Technology Engineering major. This major is being offered by accredited universities in B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees. Studying, designing, fabrication, triggering, and maintenance of hardware and software systems, as well as compiling, organizing, classifying, and transferring information, are among the most important aims of Information Technology Engineering.

The purpose of Information Technology Engineering is filling the gap between computer science and its applications in businesses and organizations. The experts trained in this major are familiar with both the knowledge of software, hardware, and information technology, and the fundamentals of organizational management. This major has been established in the universities regarding the prevailing contemporary needs, and is still developing.

The fields of this major in M.Sc. are as follows:

1-    Electronic commerce

2-    Information systems management

3-    Organizational structure

4-    Software production

5-    Information security

6-    Computer networks

7-    Engineering (IT)

8-    Biomedical information technology




E-Commerce is a powerful concept that human social and economic life has undergone radical changes. E-commerce objectively revolutionary aspects of ICT in the economy. Definitely we can claim that e-commerce a lot of restrictions of trade and the traditional business of coming up with not only the form and appearance of traditional commerce but also the model and content of trade and business, as well as changes in their own is. Marketplace, E-Tenders and E-Shop, which has no physical location occupied not yet possible to visit and stroll through the market at any time and from anywhere in the world without leaving home is possible and also the process of selection and purchase orders goods which processing and production around the world, and in the Internet advertising provided through electronic payments. All of these options are that e-commerce could be considered a miracle century.

E-commerce and information technology engineering graduate, according to the knowledge, expertise and skills to acquire the school may be working in the following sections:


·       Expert study the feasibility of e-commerce and e-business projects

·       Designer and expert solutions for e-commerce

·       Design and analysis solutions for electronic markets and shops letter

·       E-business architect to create the necessary infrastructure in organizations

·       Architects create electronic services in enterprises and organizations

·       Expert collected, organized, classified business information

·       Expert creation and maintenance of software for electronic payment and electronic banking

·       Internet payment company's customer service and sales terminals

·       Support experts electronic insurance companies and banking

·       Expert value-added services of mobile operators

·       Expert analysis and design of databases, data warehouses and business e-mail marketing

·       Business analyst organizational resources to projects in organizations

·       Consulting senior IT managers

·       IT consulting companies, marketing, distribution and sales

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