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Science of Decision and Knowledge Engineering

Science of Decision and Knowledge Engineering

Science of Decision and Knowledge Engineeringis a unique, multidisciplinary engineering major, which was established in 1389 regarding the recommendation of Soft Calculation Group, and its features, programs, and syllabus of courses were announced to the related universities. This major in inextricably interwoven with Artificial Intelligence major, and might be treated like a branch of soft calculations in artificial intelligence;  as a resulted, it could be well defined in the fields of science of knowledge, soft calculations, computer science, information technology management, and business productivity management. On this ground, specific applications and case studies of Economic Science’s fields, and its related areas are worth mentioning.



Decision sciences and engineering knowledge is one of the subjects that the relationship between engineering and mathematical sciences arises and aims to nurture engineers and researchers in order to fulfill the following demands:

·       Train specialists in knowledge extraction and decision-making in the presence of uncertainty, the knowledge of mathematical methods and techniques are smart and modern engineering.

·       Educated engineers with the ability to identify the need for systems and methods for proper decision-making in a variety of software and information systems to solve a problem or a particular field.

·       Increase productivity with the aim of improving decision-making processes in organizations, networks and community.

·       Training engineers who are able to work as an analyst and commentator with different managers, and assist them in the selection procedure and decision-making. This is based on data mining and decision optimization will be carried out.

·       Education systems and software engineers who are able to obtain the information needed to solve a problem or context-specific knowledge or decision-making, design and implement them.


The future of Science of Decision and Knowledge Engineering:

·       The applicability of the field in the area of Computational Sciences, Information Technology, Economics and Decision Sciences of the unique benefits of this discipline. The goal is to build a series of policy instruments that are part of their duties and state executive bodies and agencies such as the Department's strategic decision makers and the central bank specialized applications. Engineering and science knowledge is applicable to decision making in patterns and patterns even approaches can also have unique features



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