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Information Technology Management

Information Technology Management

In recent years, Information Technology has become prevalent, and in many countries including Iran, has ran rife among a large number of people. The reason is the capabilities of this tremendous technology which could make an impact on every aspect of life, both as a tool, and a means. Organizational applications of Information Technology, have turned it into a vital component for management and administration of institutes, even created a challenge for Information Technology in developed countries. Complexity, diversity of applications, different application levels, distinct nature of this technology along with many other factors, not only indicate the essentiality of Information Technology, but create a unique position for IT in all of the world’s organizations including governmental, private, industrial, non-industrial, profit, and non-profit institutes as well. In developed countries, the standing, duties, and instruction principles of this major is developing rapidly, and it is considered as a practical and attractive field for management of modern organizations. In Iran, Information Technology Management has been established as an academic M.Sc. major; while Information Technology Management is a fundamental requirement for modern institutes and job market.

Information Technology Management has been established in Mehralborz since 1386, and several graduates have entered the job market and administration level of the country. At the time being, a large number of students are enrolled in this major at Mehralborz, and it is getting prepared for the admission of the seventh class of this major.





·       Durres course offered by the University of Tehran and international universities

·       Using the content up to date and high quality scientific

·       Using content and e-learning environment

·       Several years of experience delivering these courses in collaboration with international universities in the University Mhralbrz

·       Learning courses related to the field of information technology and cyberspace

  • Examples of electronic content Course: ERP – Dr. Rohani (Contentا)
  • Examples of electronic content Course: e-Learning – Dr. Ebadi (Content
  • Examples of electronic content Course: Advanced Management Information Systems – Dr. Shirmohammadi (Content)
  • Virtual Class





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