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Business Management – Strategic

Business Management – Strategic

The purpose of this major embraces a precise understanding of the major duties of business organizations, improving the students’ ability to recognize the management-based problems, gathering and analysis of the data related to these problems, evaluation of different solutions in each case, making decisions, and acting on them. Learning modern theories of business management, students will be capable of doing research; by the virtue of professional analysis of managerial issues, they will help the successful management of organizations.

Different Fields of Study in Master of Science:

According to the last updates, this major includes the following fields in M.Sc.: Marketing, International Commerce, Electronic Commerce, Strategic Management, Internal Commerce, and Entrepreneurship. Formerly, Finance, Insurance, and Evolution were among the fields of Business Management as well. This major is stated as International Commerce in the syllabus on Ministry of Science, Research and Technology website, but the admissions have been taken place under the name of International Marketing according to the catalog of Konkoor Arshad 1395.





Future career:

Graduates dominated the discussions of the issues of organizational strategies, Knowing how to communicate with their customers, understanding the processes of sales, marketing and customer service organizations have the necessary background for employment in business units And compared to other management trends due to the lack of alternative string of adequate labor market. In addition, students with regard to sufficient knowledge of the business and how to create successful business chances for success in the field of entrepreneurship and new business formation. Graduates very well be at the level of executives in business organizations, industry and government to engage or in the line of duty a management consultant. It is expected that graduates after gaining enough experience to assume the responsibilities are greater at higher levels of organization. In addition, graduates of this course can work in research and research is of great importance today in large institutions, are employed.

Some of the jobs in this field are:

Marketing jobs in different levels of marketing and marketing director, Activity in the brand or market research companies, Sales organizations active in the field of international trade (exports and imports), activity in the field of insurance, e-commerce, finance and banking and etc.

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