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Industrial Management

Industrial Management is usually considered as the organized managing of an industrial firm or factory. This word, commenced becoming widespread during the early years of the 20th century, when Industrial Revolution changed the common working methods, from hand-work to machine-work. 

Managing new emerging production firms, like Ford, required expertise, order, and organization; therefore, scientific methods of studying work were introduced by the pioneers of this field. Gradually, it revealed that human factors and motivation issues were needed to be taken into account; which in turn, instigated some research and study in this area. Along with the academic studies, in practice, Management was acknowledged as an intricate system of knowledge and skill. As the specialization expanded, some main majors where introduced for Management. The growth of new inventions as well as information technology in the ensuing years, altered the method and procedure of organizing institutions, and affected the previous definitions; Industrial Management were recognized as the enhancement of productivity and efficiency. Nowadays, Industrial Management is defined as the pervasive system of modern knowledge in technology, production and operation, quality, methods of improvement, etc. which is advantageous not only in industrial institutions, but in service organizations as well. We live in a world that, managers need to view the whole organization as a combination of some coherent processes, and be able to utilize new ideas and instruments to promote the organization.






University of Iran in the field of industrial management is one of a series of management which dates back to several decades and it has been many graduates enter the job market. Iranian universities in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students accepted for the field of industrial management. The field has three master's degree in production management and operations research orientation, the two tendencies, tendencies that are active. The school curriculum includes topics related to management, quantitative methods and areas of expertise. Therefore, students with various aspects required to understand the environment, the customer and the organization and methods of analysis, management and improvement are familiar. MehrAlborz having successful experiences in the field of management holding MBA and IT Management and infrastructure in the field of e-learning from 90- 89 to accept the students' school year to accept the students graduate and managerial orientation is produced.

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