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The growth and improvement in the country’s administrative organizations, and the promotion of its life quality, necessitates the enhancement of management in economic and social institutions. The improvement and expansion of management, brings about the increase of productivity and production of goods and services using the available capacities and facilities, and the creation of new opportunities. Grasping the management knowledge and science is indeed, a crucial component of enhancing the management in practice. Regarding the significance of management in growth and prosperity of societies and institutions, establishing the “Master of Business Administration” field has been considered in various countries worldwide. This major has experienced a quick growth, first in the United States and industrial countries, and then in the successful developing countries.

MBA is an abbreviation for “Master of Business Administration”. The undergraduate and doctoral studies of this major are called BBA and DBA respectively.

MBA was first introduced by American universities some decades ago, with the aim of training professional, multipurpose, and competent managers, who possess the ability of handling tough situations and crisis, and managing large and small companies and economic firms. It can be firmly stated that during the past years, graduates of this major have been enjoying the highest levels of employment and salary, compared with any other major; this pattern holds true for virtually all countries around the world having MBA graduates.


Unfortunately, nowadays, many know MBA as Organization Management, regardless of MBA’s main concepts; and only a small fraction of its goals are elaborated upon. In a more thorough and precise approach, MBA’s purpose is to train the graduates of different majors, specifically engineering graduates, in a way that prepares them to accomplish the following duties:

1-    Effective and efficient leadership of an organization, or one of its specific sections; like production, marketing, information, or financial sectors;

2-    Evolving a professional sector of an organization;

3-    Designing, guidance, and leadership of evolution in the entire organization, after gaining practical experience in management;

4-    Entrepreneurship by the virtue of establishing new activities in new institutes;

5-    Providing consulting services in the mentioned fields for the managers of economic and social organizations.


The History of MBA

MBA is about 80 years old overseas, and presumably it was first introduced by Wharton Business School, associated with the University of Pennsylvania. Ensuing the fast expansion of this major in the 60s and 70s A.D., with the cooperation of Harvard University, ICMS institute was established in Iran; sadly, it was dissolved after a while due to paucity of sufficient cognizance. Although only two classes of students graduated from this institute, its brilliant outcomes are still well remembered in management parts of the country. The Industrial Management Institute took the second step in this path by establishing the executive MBA in the late 60s Hijri, however, because of inappropriate advertisement and strict conditions of enrolment, it did not find a toehold among the new graduates. Eventually, by the beginning of the 80s Hijri, drawing on the cachet of its unique reputation, Sharif University of Technology, established this major regarding the intense need of the country. In the same breath, there is still a long way ahead to catch up with the developed or even many of the developing countries in this field. In today’s world, MBA is among the criteria of countries’ development; there are about 30 courses of MBA in Singapore with a population of 4 million, and 700 courses in the United States of America.

Why Study MBA?

If you intend to convince yourself to study MBA, you are not confronting a difficult issue. The standing of MBA in today’s world will provide you with the opportunity of pursuing education in the best domestic and foreign universities. On the grounds that this major is in embryonic form and very welcomed by the organizations, it possesses an intact and thriving job market; in contrast to its 80-year-old history in the United States of America, the graduates of this major still have broad job opportunities. Current statistics in Iran, indicate future employment assurance. MBA will expand your capabilities beyond your current specialty, and turn you into a person who no organization could easily ignore your expertise.

-         Do you know MBA in Harvard University is the only major under full cover of US CITIBANK loan due to the certainty of good future employment of its graduates, and the students provide all their expenses from there?

Studying MBA, business people and managers feel they have honed their skills. By studying MBA, we learn how to communicate or how to solve a problem effectively; we also get familiar with the complexities and policies in an institute. These topics have significant contribution in the promotion of employees and their efficiency in companies and organizations.

As a regular person, MBA will empower you to notice the needs, cracks, and lacks of the market, find the best way of developing your business regarding the proper techniques and tactics of your business and the related market, and increase your market share. MBA teaches you partially how to be the first one in establishing or developing a business, but mainly how to be the foremost in your business and in a competitive market.

MBA’s job market overseas holds a proper position as well, and the US and Canada do not hesitate to hire this major’s experts. Keep in mind that a lot of MBA students are offered jobs from the beginning of their study.





MBA trends in mehralborz
As indicated in the introduction of disciplines mentioned in this field based on the latest decision of the Office of Planning and Development, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has 15 trends that institutions of higher learning Mehralborz succeeded license to run four trends more functional and popular the field getting in the following brief description of each of the four runs trends in higher education institutions offered Mehralborz
Marketing trends
This trend is one of the most useful trends in the field of MBA in the world and Iran, and there is a lot of experts, philosophy majors MBA to close the knowledge of the scope and wealth creation through the establishment and management of business know and marketing trends to most functional areas are important in order to achieve this goal.
Strategy Orientation
The tendency is to try and draw students how to think strategically and develop strategies and how to implement it are met. The trend in recent years much has been attention and usually contacts to set up or manage a strategic portfolio as they have a great desire to pursue this trend.
Orientation Services
In today's world, especially in developed countries and the major share of the gross domestic product belongs and this trend is growing every year. So the scope of services and issues related to it are also of interest to academic training. Due to the nature of the services and many businesses such as insurance and banking and financial spheres or tourism, hospitality, education, health care and etc. Learn how to create and manage these businesses in the areas of educational priority countries in the world.
Financial trends
In this orientation, students with issues and financial investments familiar and the ability to identify and analyze the finances of the organization and predict the trajectory of finance for the organization to obtain and can offer investment opportunities routes efficient and successful for enterprises provide. The tendency of two courses - the main under investment management and markets and financial institutions offered.

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  • Examples of electronic content Course: Strategic Planning – Dr. Rezvani ( Content)
  • Examples of electronic content Course: Marketing Investigation – Dr. Nasehi Far (Content)
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