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SIGN UP! Series of 6 ICDE webinars in 2016/2017, by leading figures in the field of Open from around the world

The webinars will be held in the last part of 2016, first part of 2017 and will be hosted by internationally renowned experts in the field. The chosen topics are “Challenges for leadership in open and distance education”, “Challenges for quality in open and distance education”, “Supporting students for success in open and distance education”, “Co-developing strategies for rural and remote communities”, “Open education: what is really happening?” and “Changing pedagogies for open education” 

Register today for the first webinar in the series

#1. Webinar: Challenges for leadership in open and distance education
11 November 20169h00 Oslo time,  
Hosted by Tian Belawati, rector of Universitas Terbuka (ICDE institutional member) and chaired by Alan Tait, Executive Committee individual member.

More information and registration for all webinars

Have you submitted your proposal on Focal Points on Quality for the ICDE Quality Network?

Deadline 1 November 2016

ICDE member institutions and associations are invited to propose candidates for Focal Points on Quality. The candidate should be well anchored within its own institutions’ quality work. A representative for the institutional senior management (Vice Chancellor, Quality Director etc.) is preferred. Recognized experts outside the senior management can also be nominated, then with a priority for participating in the regional task forces.

More information...

Role of Technology in Open and Distance Education in reaching the unreached

ICDE Executive Committee Member, Alan Tait, Professor Emeritus of Distance Education and Development, The Open University, UK will be speaking at the ICDE International Conference in Pune, India on 10-11 March 2017.

Register for the conference today and look forward to hearing his perspectives on the role of Technology in Open and Distance Education in reaching the unreached.

Technology has also supported the mobility of knowledge and the reach of education for many thousands of years. But we are faced with challenges set by the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the next 15 years that demand a step change in the ways that societies view scale of opportunity and reach to social sectors, gender equity and rural areas. All of this has to be managed with quality of learning and teaching equally high on the agenda. This forms the background to the new UNESCO led initiative on quality in Higher Education, with ICDE as a senior partner, on which a progress report will be given. 

Find out more about the conference and to register today.

Reminder: Open Praxis Call for papers: Volume 9 issue 1

Open Praxis welcomes contributions which demonstrate creative and innovative research, and which highlight challenges, lessons and achievements in the practice of distance and e-learning from all over the world.

An article may present research or surveys of recent work, describe original work, or discuss new technology and its possibilities, implications and/or other related issues.

Send your submissions by the deadline: 30 October 2016

More information and how to make a submission.

Only one month to go!

Have you registered to join us for the 2016 ICDE Presidents' Summit? 

With a programme focused on critical issues faced by the leadership of online, open and flexible learning universities, a fantastic location and networking opportunities, the 2016 ICDE Presidents' Summit is an opportunity that presidents, rectors and vice chancellors cannot afford to miss.

Register today and meet your international counterparts to discuss your challenges and to share your solutions.

Register and view the programmme here.

The encompassing digital transformation of CNED

CNED is a member of ICDE (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance).CNED has a long and proud history as the public distance education provider of France, with activity dating back to 1939.

Now, the organization goes through a profound transformation process from a digital point of view, states the general director Jean-Charles Watiez.

More information...

LangOER Webinar: Open Education: Promoting Diversity for European Languages – Consultation on policy recommendations

ICDE Secretary General, Gard Titlestad will be presenting on the 2 November, 2016 as part of the final stage of the LangOER project.  The webinar will follow on from discussions at the LangOER conference and will offer the opportunity to finalise draft recommendations that are aimed at supporting the enhancement of teaching and learning of less used languages through the development and use of Open Educational Resources.

More information...

Read the conclusions from the LangOER conference.

University for Refugees: Education without boundaries portal to be presented at 2016 EADTU "The online, open, and flexible higher education conference" 

On the occasion of the 2016 EADTU "The online, open, and flexible higher education conference" the portal “UNIVERSITY FOR REFUGEES. EDUCATION WITHOUT BOUNDARIES” (www.istruzionesenzaconfini.it) will be presented.

The agreement is open to all universities from ICDE and EADTU. It is a concrete and pragmatic step for a strong cooperation between traditional and technological universities that share the same values regarding the democratization to access the knowledge, the ‘universality’ of education as a tool of peace and dialogue between cultures in order to offer to the global students' new opportunities of study and new model of teaching.

More information...

ICDE World Conference 2017

Online Learning: Teaching in a Digital Age – Re-Thinking Teaching & Learning to be held in Toronto, Canada, from October 17 – 19, 2017

As of today, 833 colleagues from 89 countries have already signalled their plan to attend and the number grows every week.

We are now inviting prospective delegates, to help collectively build the program for the World Conference on Online Learning and ensure that it meets your needs and interests.

The theme of the World Conference on Online Learning is Teaching in a Digital Age with five corresponding tracks:

1. Emerging Pedagogies and Designs for Online Learning
2. Expanding Access, Openness and Flexibility
3. Changing Models of Assessment
4. New Delivery Tools and Resources for Learning
5. Re-Designing Institutional Business Models

All plenaries, practical workshops, interactive panels, hands-on demonstrations, academic paper presentations, and labs focus on one of these five tracks. We developed this theme and these five tracks based on what we heard from delegates at other online, open and flexible learning conferences around the world, the major developments and emerging trends, as well as the research orientation and prevailing ideas. Click here for a full description of the Conference Theme and Tracks.

Help us build the World Conference program by providing your feedback on three specific questions:

1. Which of the five conference tracks interest you the most?
2. What is the one overriding question or issue you wish the World Conference on Online Learning to address?
3. What is the most important take away you want to get from attending the World Conference on Online Learning?

Help us build the World Conference program by providing your feedback here.

The Call for Proposals opens in late October 2016.

We look forward to hosting you in Toronto, Canada in October 2017.

THANK YOU! The ICDE Secretariat would like to thank all ICDE members who have completed the Membership Satisfaction Survey

If you have not already submitted your feedback please do so as soon as possible. Members will have recieved an email reminder in the last few days. If you have any question please email این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید

UPCOMING ICDE DEADLINES: Don't miss out on the opportunities

Call for papers Volume 9, Issue 1
Deadline: 30 October

ICDE to establish Quality Network – submit proposals for Focal Points on Quality
Deadline: 1 November

Send in your proposal to host the 28th ICDE World Conference 2019
Deadline: 7 November

Send in your proposal to host the 2018 ICDE Presidents’ Summit.
Deadline: 7 November

Innovation Arabia 10: Abstract submission 
Deadline: 20 November 2016

775 Prospective Delegates From 89 Countries Have Already Signed Up! Have you? 


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ICDE Member and Partner News and Events

Featured News

UNESCO: Gordon Brown: building the “Learning Generation”

Gordon Brown, UN Special Envoy for Global Education and Chair of the International Commission on Financing Global Education Opportunity presents at the UNESCO Executive Board the Commission’s report "The Learning Generation: Investing in education for a changing world.”

It is possible to ensure inclusive and quality education for all by 2030 (SDG 4) if we make changes in the way we finance education, Gordon Brown said at a roundtable on the 2016 Global Education Monitoring Report, in New York. On 18 October 2016, he presents at UNESCO a proposal for a groundbreaking financing mechanism for education. We have the means, the knowledge, and the tools to get all children learning, he says. Education for all is not a dream. It is an achievable reality.

Read the article and access the report here

ICDE member and ICDE ON MEDSE is celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

Ten years, a unique mission: putting the new technologies at the service of knowledge, ensuring access to inclusive and quality education to all, concretizing a global education beyond geographical, cultural, religious, social and languages boundaries. 

More information.

ICDE Operational Network BOLDIC 

SADEs Annual Autumn Conference, 14th October 2016 in Stockholm: The theme was on Innovation, Communication,and Transformation

Fifty educational developers gathered for Friday, October 14 at SVERDs Autumn Conference, which took place on Saturnus conference center  in Stockholm See movie SVERDs Autumn Conference 2016. The conference discussed the possibilities of MOOCs, distance learning, remote education in schools and Open Educational Resources.

Keynote speakers were Dr Ebba Ossiannilsson ICDE ON BOLDIC and on MOOCs. Christer Bergqvist MYH on distance education in the Polytechnic, Asa Ernestam SKL about the possibilities of remote education in schools and Ulrika Knutsson adult education on "Learning resources for meetings and learning”."

Visit the conference website here. (Available in Swedish) 

View the presentation here(Available in English) 

Find out about the ICDE Operational Networks here. 

Siberia is melting for Open Education

This year, Siberia has experienced unique progress. In Yakutsk, the capital of the Republic of Sakha (formerly called Yakutia) and the only city worldwide built on permafrost, the government was launching a hot season: The International Lensky Education Forum was heating the debate about open education. The forum in cooperation with UNESCO was organized for the first time and concluded one year of first innovative activities with a series of events. "We appreciate the strong support of the Yakutian government for open education fully conforming with UNESCO's objective", said Dr. David Atchoarena, UNESCO Director for Policies and Lifelong Learning Systems.

More information.

Reports, Resources and Projects

EU eGovernment Report 2016 shows that online public services improved unevenly

A new study on eGovernment services in the EU reveals that online public services are becoming increasingly accessible across Europe. However, it also shows that growth is uneven and a substantial number of EU countries are still lagging behind.

Class of 2030: Which universities will rise - and how will they do it?

Higher Education is both more globally competitive and more nationally important than ever before.
Emerging and middle income countries realise that a strong Higher Education sector is central to building a research-driven knowledge economy.
At the same time, Higher Education institutions in developed countries are trying to tap into the exploding global demand for Higher Education. There’s more competition and collaboration than ever before.

University rankings ignore teaching

The ranking organisations will argue that, with the increasing mobility of students in the international world of higher education, they provide a valuable service to both students and their parents in making their university choices and that they give universities valuable tools to participate on the world university stage, to compete for the high fee-paying international students and for internationally known academics. 

Online Education Is Now a Global Market

Back when colleges first started experimenting with teaching online, pundits mused that competition for college students would one day be global. A student would be able to sit down at a computer and take a course literally from anywhere.

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